Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire was released on 21 November, 2014.Facebook

Players can have varied amount of fun while playing Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Pokemon ORAS). It gets more interesting as they go deeper in the game's mechanics and understand many of the things.

In order to create better Pokemon, players will have to breed them well too. Breeding helps players prepare better for battles and thus enjoy the game better.

Below is a guide from Attack of the Fanboy that helps us breed the Pokemon we want for the team:

The Basics are Important

Players have to know that it is very important for them to know the basics before they embark on breeding them.


  • IVs, or individual values, are a number assigned to each stat a Pokemon has
  • These numbers determine the overall potential of your individual Pokemon
  • When breeding you will want to focus on getting perfect IVs transferred to the new Pokemon

Egg Group

  • These group determine which Pokemon can breed with each other
  • For expert breeding this won't come into play, but we'll go over it just in case


  • Each Pokemon has a specific nature that alters its stats
  • If you are going for a totally perfect Pokemon you'll need to know which nature you want and breed for it

How to Breed Right

Pokemon Day Care is the place to breed a Pokemon. Here players can leave a couple of Pokemon and then head for their adventures.

Players will find One Day Care during the early stages but as they progress and when they complete the Delta Episode, they will have another at the Battle Resort.

Both the Pokemon will be breeding together and with the right Egg Groups, when players return they will have atleast one Egg ready for them.

Players have to make the decision on which one they will breed and also it has to be tailored to produce the Pokemon players want.

If players are looking for quicker and an easier process of breeding the Pokemon then they have to add Ditto with the Pokemon they want to breed. So if players put Ditto with the other Pokemon they want to breed in the Day Care they will get the desired Pokemon faster.

Players who have Pokemon X and Y can use it to get Dittos and use them in Pokemon ORAS for breeding. Players can go to Friend Safari, where it is seen that one or the other person will offer Ditto, and every Ditto will have at least two perfect IVs.

Dittos can also be appearing in some Mirage Spots in Pokemon ORAS, this will be helpful for players who do not have a Pokemon X and Y. If players make it a point to check the Mirage Spots and Caves when they appear, they will spot a Ditto eventually.

Make sure to use the DexNav extensively once the Ditto is found. If players spot stars in the scanner then it is the number of perfect IVs that the Pokemon has. If players keep encountering them then there is higher chance of finding one that has a lot of stars. The ones with three or more stars are perfect for breeding the right IV Pokemon.

Perfect IVs

We know that there will be six stats for a Pokemon to know about their combat functions: Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed and HP. As players breed, each Pokemon will get a different level of stat. IVs are the Individual Values which are on the top of other stats. Every Pokemon will have a number that is associated with it and this helps to know how close it is to its full capacity.

Players will have to go to Battle Resort (and to Day Care) to check the status of the current Pokemon IVs. There is also a person who will tell players if their IVs are perfect.

But players have to breed properly and put all the negatives to favour them.


Players will have to take Nature of the Pokemon into consideration while breeding it. Nature will be able to impact tow stats, it will drop one and boost the other. Players will also need to decide on the stats that might work better for their Pokemon and which do not work.

Unless the parents of the Pokemon have Everstone, the Nature of the Pokemon will be assigned randomly.

Players interested in using the hiding abilities in a Pokemon must pay attention to the gender of the Pokemon. A female Pokemon will be on 60% of the occasions pass her hidden ability.

Hack Lets you Play as Villain

A hacker, Huntereb has created a hack that allows players to play as villain, Maxie by replacing the main characters. He is seen walking with hand on his back, he throws Pokeballs like a boss, Kotaku reported.

(YouTube Courtesy: Huntereb)

Another of his hack shows Space Jam music playing instead of the Pokemon ORAS music.

(YouTube Courtesy: Huntereb)

Pokemon ORAS Music Download

Interested gamers can now download the soundtrack of the Pokemon ORAS game on to iTunes for $9.99

The Battle of Hoenn Online Competition

Players of Pokemon ORAS will be able to enjoy the battles in the newly announced Battle of Hoenn Online Competition.

This Single Battle competition will let players battle Pokemon that is available in Hoenn Dex like (minus Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, and Deoxys). These Pokemon must have been already received in Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon ORAS, reported The Tanooki.

Registration for this starts from 15 January and will be open this 22 January 2015. This will happen once the game is registered to the PGL account. This competition will be limited to only 50,000 players and will be taking place from 23 January to 25 January, 2015.