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Most Pokemon players remember vividly the music playing out from the Pokemon animated series. They have been one of most parodied and recreated content since its release in 1998. Now a new recreation has come to the fore and might tingle your funny bone.

A new project called 'Pokemon ReAnimated' brings in shot-for-shot recreation of the famed Pokemon series intro, reported GameInformer (via Kotaku).

The inspiration for the project came from the recreation of 'Sailor Moon' into 'Moon Animate Make-Up' by more than 250 animators, said Spenser Moreland, the editor of the project.

"It just seemed like such a fun idea for a collaborative project, and the end result with all of the shifting styles and tones was wacky, absurd and really entertaining, while still showcasing a lot of talented people's unique styles. Everyone loves Pokémon or at least has some nostalgic ties to it, so I floated out the idea and very quickly got enough people involved to pull it off," he said.

He also added that his group was comprised of 32 different animators and they plan to work on more such reanimated pieces.

Below is their take on the Pokemon series intro and some views might fight it slightly disturbing:

(YouTube Courtesy: Pokemon ReAnimated)

Shell Armour Samurott Code

Many Pokemon players would have already received their free Emboar for Pokemon ORAS. It is one of the three Unova starters. The others being Serperior and Samurott. Emboar has Reckless as hidden ability.

US and UK Pokemon players are expected to get the Samurott Pokemon on 5 February, according to Product-Reviews.

We know that the codes for Japanese players and other have been the same and so hence we can reproduce it here: POKEMON503.

It is not clear when the code might get activated. The hidden ability of Samurott is Shell Armour, and it must reach level 50. This is a water type Pokemon, which will have move sets like Razor Shell, Hold Back, Confide and Hydro Pump.

Reckless Emboar Mystery Gift

Pokemon players in US and Europe will have already received the serial code for Serperior. IF they haven't, then the code is POKEMON500.

Emboar with its hidden ability Reckless, players will get a Level 50 Pokemon that has move sets like Flare Blitz, Hold Back, Head Smash, and Take Down. This fire Pokemon is part of the mystery gift for trainers.