Pokemon Go update brings two new features
Pokemon Go update brings two new featuresReuters

Pokemon Go has updated its Android and iOS mobile application with new versions, bringing them to v0.39.0 and v1.9.0, respectively. Gamers can update their Pokemon Go apps from Google Play Store and Apple Store and start enjoying the latest additions.

According to the Pokemon Go updates release notes, the AR-based game brings two major changes – Capture location and Pokemon Go Plus and Incense. Pokemon Go described the functions of these new features and said the following:

Capture location: The location where a Pokemon was caught will now be displayed on their information screen.

Pokemon GO Plus and Incense: Trainers can attempt to capture Pokemon they encounter from using Incense with the Pokemon GO Plus accessory.

In addition to that, Pokemon Go game also received minor bug fixes, which should improve the overall gaming experience.

Pokemon Go may have set records from the start, but a recent report found that the game's popularity has declined over the last few weeks in the U.S. Once the top-grossing app in Apple App Store in the United States, Pokemon Go lost the number one ranking to Clash of Clans and went down to third position after Candy Crush Saga.

Pokemon Go was the top-grossing iOS app in the U.S. for 74 consecutive days, but that's merely a fraction of Clash of Clans' 347 days record in the same category. The game is available in nearly 80 countries, but it is missing out on some of the major markets such as India, China and Russia.

The game has also witnessed a drop in the number of active users, which dropped from 50.2 million on August 12 to 32.4 million on September 10. Since the game is still in the expansion phase, the trend might change with Pokemon Go's release in new markets.