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Augmented reality game "Pokemon Go", which has taken the world by storm, has been released only in select regions and now reports have emerged that Nintendo will not be releasing "Pokemon Go" in any new regions on July 27. 

Last Sunday, Niantic Labs head John Hanke, while announcing the launch of the "Pokemon Go" in France at the San Deigo Comic-Con 2016, promised to release the AR-game in at least one region a day.

Within a few hours, the company released "Pokemon Go" in Hong Kong, leading to speculation that the rest of the Asia regions will soon get it. But, three days have passed by without any new announcements, evoking strong emotions among fans, especially in Asia.

Earlier today, Nintendo posted a $49 million dollar operating loss in the first quarter due to the decline in Wi U console sales. The company fearing server and game issues, has held back the "Pokemon Go" release plans for the new regions, Reddit reported.

It is believed to be a strategical move by the company not to escalate the negative publicity. If the company had released "Pokemon Go" in a new region, the company staff would have been under high pressure to maintain the server in stable condition. Failing which, the company's revenue would have taken a hit.

It has come to light that "Pokemon Go" gaming trend is slowly fading away in the U.S. According to Survey Monkey, the AR-game hit peak in the country on July 14 with active users clocking at 25 million, but since then it has come down. 

In a related development, Nintendo has announced that the "Pokemon Go Plus", a mobile accessory which was supposed to hit stores on July 31, has been delayed until September.

For the uninitiated, "Pokemon Go Plus" is a small device that lets users enjoy "Pokémon GO" while they are on the move and not looking at their smartphone.

The device connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and notifies the user about events in the game— such as the appearance of a Pokemon nearby — using an LED and vibration.

Latest Geo-block status: Asia

Those "Pokemon Go" gamers who are planning to install "Pokemon Go" APK file manually, we have bad news to share.

All users in Asian regions are seeing empty maps hinting that the geo-block has been activated across unofficial areas,  Reddit thread 'Pokemon GO Release Status – Asia' admin said.

If any player is able to get access to the servers in Asia, please let us know in the comment section below.