"Pokemon Go"
"Pokemon Go"Reuters

It's common knowledge that latest international sensation Pokemon Go, developed by Nintendo and Niantic, has taken the gaming world by storm, but what we don't know is that it became the most downloaded on App Store during its first week. It means the download figure is only from the United States, Australia and New Zealand, the first three countries that received it.

Pokemon Go has now been released in 36 countries with Japan becoming the first Asian country to receive it. The game is expected to be released in about 200 countries across the globe and India is one of them. In fact, India has been added to the server list, giving a hint that the game could be released in the country anytime from now. It won't come as a surprise if it is released this month or first half of August.

Impatient Indian gamers have started playing the game by installing via APK file, though it is an unofficial application software with possible threat of malware. However, it has been reported that PokeStops, Gyms and Pokemon have been unavailable to players in select Indian cities, which means they have to wait for its official version.

Several incidences of Pokemon Go players getting into trouble or injured have been reported in the countries where it has been released. The frequency of such reports may increase in the days to come as the game spreads to more countries. And here are five things that gamers should not do:

1) Concentration: Too much concentration on a game can make players unaware of the surroundings, opening up the possibilities of running into trouble. Pokemon Go will be much more engaging than other mobile phone games you have played in the past. So, one has to check too much concentration.

2) Road: There is no traffic discipline in India whatsoever with people riding from the wrong side and pavements not an uncommon sight. So, players should make sure that they are safe. It is best not to play on busy roads.

3) Let go Pokemon: There are possibilities of Pokemon being placed in the middle of a lake, military base and other sensitive places. Going to such places to catch Pokemon will be like asking for trouble. So, one should refrain from going to certain places.

4) Look up: The game demands players to look at the phone screen constantly to make sure that that they don't miss any Pokemon. However, it is dangerous to walk anywhere, be it at home and park. There are possibilities of rolling down the stairs and stumbling into a pit or cliff.

5) Avoid private homes: Standing or loitering around in front of somebody's house while waiting for internet signal or any other reason can create problem. They can be mistaken for robbers. So, it is best to avoid loitering around other private properties, especially at night time.

Pokemon Go is a free (in-app purchases required for enhancements) augmented reality (AR) mobile game that lets players catch Pokemon in real life environment. It is currently compatible only to Android and iOS devices, but Microsoft has confirmed that it will come to Windows phones too.