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Pokemon Go loyalists can now download an updated version of the game called the version 1.7.1 for iOS and version 0.37.1 for Android. The latest iterations include enhancements to Pokemon Go Plus. As per Niantic, the latest fixes have been incorporated keeping in mind reports from users who reported multiple issues.

These issues predominantly include problems in regard to the connectivity of Pokemon Go Plus. Also, users reported about sudden popping-up of unwanted notifications during force-quitting the Pokemon Go app. Gamers stated that they encountered these situations, even if they did not possess a Pokemon Go Plus device.

Now according to an official tweet from Niantic, the new Pokemon Go versions 1.7.1 for iOS and 0.37.1 for Android is available for download on the Apple iTunes and Google Play, respectively. Also, a tipster on Reddit has spoken about the incorporation of the enhanced Pokemon Go Plus support.

Another notable feature is the addition of Buddy Pokemon, which will let trainers choose a Pokemon as their buddy. With this functionality, trainers will be able to obtain earned candy for their Buddy Pokemon after walking for a certain distance.

Other fixes, include:

  • Tweaks that let gamers choose smaller Pokemon comparatively easily on screen
  • Fixes to issues that caused Eggs to hatch without showcasing animations
  • Improved performance reliability, when a device switches networks, to no longer cause the application to hang or stop updating.
  • Incorporation of quick help feature when connected to Pokemon Go Plus for the first time
  • Minor text fixes.