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"Pokemon Go," the mobile augmented reality game from developer Niantic and The Pokemon Company, has seen players go crazy over the GPS-powered game. The game lets players catch virtual Pokemon using the camera of the device. The game has become a cultural phenomenon and has become a kind of a legend, with players unravelling newer details about the game as they progress to higher levels. However, the game has also surrounded itself with several myths.

The internet is rife with several conspiracy theories about the game that have been spreading fast. Gaming blog iDigitalTimes has explored these myths and has debunked many of them.

Here are some of the myths that have been busted:

Eevee evolves based on its moveset: This is one of the earliest rumours doing the rounds; it was said that Eevee's evolution is based on its abilities, but that is untrue as shown in this video.

Ghost Pokemon found in graveyards: It was believed that ghost Pokemon appears in more often in graveyards, hospitals and cemeteries, but this has been proved wrong, thanks to this video, which has sampled thousands of players who found no evidence of ghost Pokemon appearing in graveyards.

Weather influences Pokemon spawning: Many believed that weather might influence the availability of Pokemon. But this has been proved wrong. This video from Silph Road reveals that there is no relation between the two.

Incense lures Pokemon irrespective of player movement: It was believed that regardless of the movement or lack of movement of a player, Pokemon are drawn to the aromatic power of incense. This is only a myth. Reddit user Omnialord revealed in the game's source code for incense that if Pokemon spawns every five minutes if a player is standing, but if a player starts to move, then he/she has a chance of encountering a Pokemon every one minute (for every 200 meters you travel).

Turning off AR guarantees Pokemon catch: Many fan videos had suggested players that they can catch a Pokemon if they are able to turn off the AR when Pokemon is zoomed in, on their first throw. But this is not true. There are many Pokemon that need players to use a Great Ball or even a Berry to catch them, just turning off the AR does not get them inside the ball.

Vaporeon is the strongest Pokemon in the game: Though Vaporeon has the highest damage output, Mewtwo has the highest base stats, Lapras has highest CP and Eevee has highest firepower than others. So Vaporean is technically not the strongest.

Mew is nowhere found in the game: Though Mew is not found in the game, it does not mean Niantic will not let players catch Mew. It is believed that Mew might be part of some special event.

McDonald's and GameStop would be Gym or PokeStop: Redditors digging through the source code files had discovered potential partnership deal with McDonald's that would turn its restaurants into PokeStops or gyms. GameStop too has also revealed that it too is planning on transforming some of its stores into PokeStops or gyms.

Rustling leave means there is a hidden Pokemon: We have always thought that Rustling Leaves could have a hidden Pokemon. But this is not true as it has not yet been quantified by players.