REUTERS/Sam Mircovich/Illustration

So much has been talked about Pokemon Go since its release last week. It has become a craze among game lovers and it is even reported that it is closing in on Twitter in terms of users.

However, several hoaxes on the game have surfaced over the last few days. It is reported that an Uber driver has been fired for claiming to have witnessed a murder.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game that lets players catch Pokemon. Android and iOS device users in the United Stated, Australia and New Zealand can play the game at the moment, but it is yet to reach other regions.

According to a report by Gizmodo, an Uber driver, who was livestreaming Pokemon Go in Beaumont, Texas, has claimed that he saw a dead body being pushed out of a car. He shouted "Oh my god I just witnessed a f******' murder" and went on to call 911 even as he was streaming live to Youtube. He said that the same car had started following him after dumping the dead body in front of the Trinity United Methodist Church, in Beaumont.

However, Seargent Cody Guedry of the Beaumont Police Department told the website that it could be just a hoax, as no dead body was found at the location specified by the caller. The Uber driver has been reportedly fired by the company for live streaming Pokeman Go between picking up passengers.

Pokemon Go has triggered several other viral hoaxes just a few days into its release. It has been reported that a teen has killed his younger brother thinking that he had deleted the game. It has also been reported that some guys playing the game caused a major highway accident after they stopped in the middle of the road, but it has turned out to be a hoax.

However, a teenager named Shayla Wiggins from Wyoming reportedly bumped into a dead body while playing Pokemon Go last week. She told County 10 news that she was in pursuit of a Pokemon in a natural water source when she saw a dead body floating in the Wind River. The Fremont County Sheriff's Office has said in a statement that the death appears to be accidental in nature and possibly that of a drowning.