"Pokemon Go"
"Pokemon Go"Reuters

"Pokemon Go," the sensational AR mobile game from Niantic features about 151 Pokemon from low-end to rare ones that need players to hunt, catch and train these virtual pocket monsters.

Though some Pokemon are found effortlessly, others are not as simple and are really difficult to find. It has also been noticed that some Pokemon, which are rare are known to appear only in special places.

One such difficult-to-find Pokemon is Magikarp, which is rarely found in the game. Interestingly, it is Magikarp that later evolves into Gyarados, starting at level 20. Gyarados is considered to be one of the stronger Pokemon that will be very handy in Gym battles.

Magikarp's Abilities include Swift Swim and Rattled, while as Gyarados' Abilities include Intimidate and Moxie.

Knowing where players will find these two water type Pokemon will help players to level up quicker.

As noted before, Magikarp is a water type Pokemon who is strongly attracted to it. Water bodies are quite ideal places where we find these. So, it has been found out that beaches are the ideal places to find Magikarp.

But reports have suggested that the Pokemon is known to spawn in the particular region rather than in a particular spot. Magikarp also spawns near a water body in the area. Players have also observed that the Pokemon is known to spawn multiple times during the day in the same area where they have found it.

Players need to catch all the Magikarp they can as they will need at least 100 Magikarp to make one of them evolve into Gyarados.

Players have also found Gyarados in the game, though it rarely spawns. Beach is the best spot to find Gyarados. Players are advised to keep an eye out for Gyarados when they are hunting for Magikarp.