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"Pokemon Go," the sensational Augmented Reality (AR)-based mobile video game, has triggered fan frenzy across the world. It allows players to catch virtual Pokemon in real-world by using the device's in-built camera to show the hidden Pokemon.

"Pokemon Go" is now available on iOS and Android devices. The game is the product of San Francisco-based Niantic, the creators of "Ingress" AR game.

The game also uses GPS to hunt down Pokemon location. Players in the game try to become Master Trainers even as they catch Pokemon in the wild and battle with others in the Gym in order to level up. Levelling up in the game helps trainers to be part of a special team that fights other teams. Players will have to unlock items by acquiring the rewards.

Here is a step-by-step guide to get 1000+ XP in a minute:

This guide was shared by gaming blog, Gamepur, which noted that this will work by farming the XP and by levelling up the trainer, the faster the better. Players will require at least two Trainers to help them.

Here are some of the prerequisites for the guide to work:

  • At least 100 PokeBalls
  • 2+ Lure Modules
  • 2+ Incense
  • 2+ Egg Incubators
  • Lucky Eggs
  • 2 or more PokeStops within a single range

Players must note that it is better not to evolve any Pokemon before starting the farming process and see to it that the phone battery is over 60 percent. In order to avoid the app from crashing, close all the other tabs.

Step 1: Planning

Locate an area that has about two or three Poke-Stops within a single range. Now use Lure Modules to lure them. Ask friendly Trainers to deploy Incense item, which will make the lure even more powerful.

Step 2: Processing

Place all the Eggs in the incubator and activate the Lucky Egg. Ask the friendly Trainers to do the same. Move from one PokeStop to the other in the same range.

Lucky Egg will double XP when players involve in catching a Pokemon (players get 200 XP instead of 100 XP) and evolving the Pokemon will get them 2000 XP.

Step 3: Farming

Players have readied the setup for farming. They will encounter several Pokemon due to the Lure Module and Incense being active. These will mean there will be a lot of Pokemon catching and Egg hatching. But players must get those Pokemon before the 30 minute window as Lure Module and Incense will not be active after that.

Players need to capture all the available Pokemon, notwithstanding their CP and they must evolve all the Pokemon that are ready.