Pokemon GO
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"Pokemon Go," the sensational game from Niantic and the Pokemon Company has been one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The game has been released in around 35 countries and will soon be out in more countries around the world.

Every Pokemon in the game belongs to a certain Type, such as Normal, Fighting, Grass, Ground, Bug, Dragon and so on. The combination of properties and moves in a Pokemon make up their Type. Each of these Pokemon Types has its own set of strengths and weakness.

In "Pokemon Go" there are as many as 17 different Types of Pokemon. Here is a complete list of the Pokemon Type with what a particular Pokemon is strong or weak against.

Normal Type

  • Weak Against - Fighting
  • Strong Against - None

Bug Type

  • Weak Against - Fire, Flying, and Rock
  • Strong Against - Grass, Psychic, and Dark

Poison Type

  • Weak Against - Ground and Psychic
  • Strong Against - Grass and Fairy

Grass Type

  • Weak Against - Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying and Bug
  • Strong Against - Water, Ground and Rock

Water Type

  • Weak Against - Electric and Grass
  • Strong Against - Fire, Ground, and Rock

Fire Type

  • Weak Against - Rock, Water, and Ground
  • Strong Against - Steel, Bug, Ice and Grass

Ground Type

  • Weak Against - Water, Grass, and Ice
  • Strong Against - Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock and Steel

Fighting Type

  • Weak Against - Flying, Psychic, and Fairy
  • Strong Against - Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, and Steel

Rock Type

  • Weak Against - Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground and Steel
  • Strong Against - Fire, Ice, Flying and Bug

Fairy Type

  • Weak Against - Poison and Steel
  • Strong Against - Fighting, Dragon, and Dark

Electric Type

  • Weak Against - Ground
  • Strong Against - Water and Flying

Psychic Type

  • Weak Against - Bug, Ghost, and Dark
  • Strong Against - Fighting and Poison

Ghost Type

  • Weak Against - Ghost and Dark
  • Strong Against - Psychic and Ghost

Dragon Type

  • Weak Against - Ice, Dragon, and Fairy
  • Strong Against - Dragon

Ice Type

  • Weak Against - Fire, Fighting, Rock and Steel
  • Strong Against - Grass, Ground, Flying and Dragon

Flying Type

  • Weak Against - Electric, Steel, and Rock
  • Strong Against - Grass, Fighting, and Bug

Dark Type

  • Weak Against - Fighting, Fairy, and Bug
  • Strong Against - Psychic and Ghost