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"Pokemon Go," popular mobile game from developer Niantic and Nintendo, has revealed new egg-charts that reveal the distance players have to travel for the eggs (which grow into Pokemon) to hatch. 

Players normally use the camera from the device to capture virtual Pokemon. Captured Pokemon can be taken to the Gym, where they can battle other rival Pokemon. 

There are various locations where players find Pokemon in this GPS-powered game. The Pokemon are likely to be hidden in the rustling leaves; they could be in the park, or a water body, or in the pub or at workplace, or near cemeteries. We also know that PokeStops are a good source of Pokemon.

Another way to collect Pokemon is by hatching Eggs. But hatching Eggs require players to physically walk great distances. "Pokemon Go" has tabulated the rarity of the Pokemon based on walking distances, from 2kms, 5kms and 10 kms. Players walking for 10kms can hope to see their Pokemon Eggs hatch Rare Pokemon.

But the gameplay mechanic is known to produce random Pokemon when players walk the requisite distances. Many players find it is frustrating not to find a particular Pokemon that they have eagerly wanted to catch.

Reddit user, Taiyo4D has shared an Egg chart that reflects the Pokemon (hatchling) that players get when they walk a particular distance. A similar one surfaced on Imgur (via Serebii).

Those of us who are like to have Pikachu must walk for 2kms so that they drum up chances of getting one.