Developer Niantic has just rolled out new feature updates for Pokemon GO on Android and iOS with a bunch of interesting features and bug-fixes to elevate the trainer experience in the game. The update comes just days ahead of the first real-life event for the game to be held in Chicago, US.

Pokemon GO update
Pokemon GO gets updates for Android and iOS with new abilities for trainers

Trainers will now be able to spin the Photo Disc at a Gym after finishing a Raid Battle or send berries to their Pokemon defending Gyms through the Pokemon info screen, when they are far away. However, it must be noted that the motivation regained by the Pokemon is less effective while using this method.

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New icons have been added to the Pokemon information screen to indicate how the Pokemon was caught while the search functionality for the Pokemon Collection screen has been considerably improved.

Trainers can give berries to Pokemon defending Gyms only if their motivation meter is full as per the new ability added with this update. The update also addresses a couple of major bugs:

  • Fixed an issue where Trainers were unable to complete Raid Battles started before time expired on the map view.
  • Fixed an issue where Pokémon are not properly returned to their Trainer after defending a Gym.

Interested users may go ahead and download the latest versions of Pokemon GO on their iOS and Android devices. Here are the direct download links:

Pokemon GO v0.69.0 for Android

Pokemon GO v1.39.0 for iOS