Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go likely to get Ditto soon?Reuters

The Pokemon Go craze seems to be back from its slumbers after a lull. Rumours have emerged revealing the possibility of Ditto, Shiny and Rare Pokemon and new tracking system being added to the game. The revelation comes from data miners who pulled out interesting and juicy data, probably digging it out from the new Android update 0.47.1 that recently went live.

The rumours emerged from Silph Road, known for some meticulous research, and follow up on Pokemon Go, following its release in July.


The post has noted the addition of new code for Ditto in spades. Players might encounter these in the wild, but it is not clear if it has been enabled. Players might be able to use Ditto in battle. The data miners have found sounds for different Ditto effects, an appearance of dark purple background graphic and small "spotlight" graphic. The new update has "given the client everything it needs to handle Ditto interactions," the post noted.

Shiny and Rare Pokemon

In a first, the APK contained phrases Shiny and Rare. As if to back it up, they have also found a new audio file that plays when a wild Rare Pokemon is captured. New codes have been added into the game that suggests the possible attempt to insert Shiny Pokemon.

Possible changes for new Nearby tracker

Niantic, the developer of the game, is testing out a new Nearby code and the hint for this seems to be existing in the code. The new tracker will reportedly hide the sightings radar when it detects a minimum number of Pokemon.

New Sponsors

The data miners have also found new additions to the sponsor list: