REUTERS/Sam Mircovich/Illustration

"Pokemon Go" phenomenon has taken over the world and the players all around the globe are doing their best to catch as many Pokemons as possible in frenzy.

However, where a lot of players have reported that the game has numerous positive effects, several recent reports state that it has negative health consequences as well.

Some players have claimed that "Pokemon Go" has helped them to recover from mental health issues like depression and anxiety, but it seems that the game has adverse effects of its own.

While the game encourages users to roam around instead of sitting at their homes, a lot of players spend most of the time staring at their phones. They hardly seem to notice the actual surrounding around them.

As reported by Comic Book, there have been several reports of players spraining their ankles, tripping, or falling because their whole attention was concentrated on "Pokemon Go" instead of carefully observing where they were going.

Several bike and car accidents have been reported too that has caused many local traffic and law enforcement agencies to release notices warning the public not to drive and play "Pokemon Go." If people are not careful enough, we might get to hear the news of first fatal accident caused by or related to the game.

According to Comic Book, in a recent Live Science article regarding positive health aspects of "Pokemon Go," Dale Bond, as associate professor of psychiatry at Brown University, warned that those people, who spend a lot of time playing the game every day, are more prone to muscle soreness and stress fractures. Bond suggested to slowly building the activity rate for those people who are not much used to physical activities.

Undoubtedly, "Pokemon Go" has mostly positive effects on a player's health as it helps them interact physically and also encourages them to be socially involved. Though the game won't cause any serious issues like cancer or heart disease, it is advisable to be aware of the surroundings while playing and use the common sense.