Pokemon Go
Pokemon GoREUTERS/Sam Mircovich/Illustration

"Pokemon Go," the Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game, not only has a massive following but also has triggered a global frenzy where players appear on real location to catch virtual Pokemon. A new app Poke Radar helps players to catch new types of Pokemon, acting as a Pokemon finding tool.

The game can get annoying when players find the same kind of Pokemon repeatedly. To avoid this, a new third party app Poke Radar was released. The app is known to help players find new Pokemon.

"You can automatically see all of the known Pokemon locations around you by scrolling around the map or you can alternatively use the 'Search' button to select a specific Pokemon you want to find," reads the description in the app's website.

Poke Radar is a user generated app, where players submit the locations of the Pokemon they have found. To avoid trolling, there is also a vote and rating system. This means that players who are found to be lying can be down voted.

Currently the app is available on iOS and is yet to be released on Android devices.

"Pokemon Go" is currently available in 35 countries including the U.S, Europe and Australia. The game has been downloaded over 30 million times. It has been developed by Niantic and The Pokemon Company is its publisher.

It is most likely that Japan will be the first Asian country to get the game and that will be followed by other Asian countries like India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and so on.