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Even before the release of "Pokemon Go," Niantic Labs and The Pokemon Company had revealed an incoming accessory called "Pokemon Go" Plus, which was supposed to release by July end.

But now its release has been pushed back to September, which was confirmed by a post on Nintendo's Twitter page.

"Pokemon Go" Plus is a wearable gear that can connect to the user's smartphone via Bluetooth. This will help users get notifications every time there is a new event or if there is a Pokemon nearby.

"Pokemon Go" Plus will vibrate and blink (LED) if the device is in the range of a PokeStop. Users can also press the button on the device to search for items in the PokeStop.

Players can use the button on the device to throw Poke Ball, but this can only be done if the Pokemon has been caught before. A successful catch will trigger the device to blink again and to vibrate.

"Pokemon Go" game requires players to hunt, catch and train virtual Pokemon using iOS or Android. But, an accessory like "Pokemon Go" Plus would have minimised smartphone usage. Moreover, the gear would also help players to be more aware of their surroundings, as they need not look at smartphones when hunting for Pokemon.

The company has not explained the reason for the delay, but one reason could be that the device is likely to witness a huge demand and the company might not be ready to meet the figures just yet.