Refugees of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), who hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday for sanctioning Rs 2,000 crore relief package, said the current amount should not be seen as final figures.

Members of the Jammu and Kashmir Sharnarthi Action Committee (JKSAC) that represents the displaced members of the PoK, said that at least Rs 9,200 crore is needed to rehabilitate all the displaced people, reported PTI.

"We express our gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for sanctioning a package of Rs 2,000 crore for the displaced people from the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) of 1947," PTI quoted JKSAC vice president Amrik Singh as saying.

Singh said the refugees who were ignored since 1947 had to wait for over 60 years to get the rehabilitation package announced.

"The Prime Minister while sanctioning Rs 2,000 crore had himself said that this was just a beginning and not the final settlement," he added.

The JKSAC leader also submitted a memorandum to the Jammu & Kashmir government to disburse the sanctioned money among the intended beneficiaries as early as possible so that they can demand the Centre for the remaining amount.

A cabinet sub-committee, which is led by Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Kumar Singh, will recommend the manner in which this rehabilitation package will be distributed to the refugees.

Singh also demanded the state government to include representatives of JKSAC to be included for the disbursement of the package.