Xiaomi's Poco gamble paid off extremely well as it managed to sell crores-worth phones in no time. The lauded Poco F1 is widely praised for offering a Snapdragon 845-powered smartphone at an unbelievable price point. But did Xiaomi cut corners with the Poco F1? Not by a long shot, but certain issues seem to have made some users believe that way.

Poco F1, despite receiving positive reviews from critics and consumers alike, failed to impress many due to the lack of Widevine L1 support, which meant no HD streaming on apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Even as the users are trying to move on from the setback, a new issue in the Poco F1 has surfaced online.

Several users are complaining that their Poco F1 smartphone shows a weird illumination on the bottom edge of the LCD display, which is visible when the brightness is turned up in the dark. The screen bleed issue seems to have affected largely in India, but users in Indonesia also seem to be facing the same issue.

Even though the screen bleeding issue won't affect the display or its touch functionality, it is still an oversight on behalf of Xiaomi. This is a hardware issue and Xiaomi, if and when it acknowledges it, will have to handle it through replacements or repair.

Poco F1 screen bleed issue reported in India
Poco F1 screen bleed issue reported in IndiaKVN Rohit/IBTimes India

According to the posts on XDA Developers forum, Flipkart execs informed buyers who requested their Poco F1 be returned due to screen bleeding that even the replacement units have the same issue as the original one.

"I thought the Poco F1 had great potential to take over from OnePlus as a budget flagship alternative, however, they messed up. If the Poco team had spent a little more time and maybe resources on QA, Software optimization (bugs in MIUI, bad implementation of curved corners, multi-touch issues, etc) and maybe a better name {POCO I mean seriously!!! } this phone would have been a serious contender (sic)," one user wrote.

"Got it replaced for the same issue and sadly the new one is also having issues. Now raised a refund as there was no replacement option available," wrote another user.

Xiaomi hasn't commented on the matter yet and there's no clarity on how widespread the problem is. But seeing Poco hit off with consumers so well in its early days, it will be disappointing if such quality issues are ignored by the brand.