Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a special 6 p.m. address to the nation, leaving many wonders what it might be all about. It's now time and Modi has started his speech live. You can find all the updates here live.

narendra modi on NEP 2020
PM ModiTwitter
PM ModiTwitter

More than 70,000 Indians have tuned in. 

The speech has ended.

Live Updates

2020-10-2018:19 (IST)

COVID-19 vaccine in India

PM Modi has an update on the vaccine as well. He said there are several versions of vaccines under works in India as well and that some of them are at advanced stage. The government is also working towards bringing the vaccine to every Indian as soon as possible.

2020-10-2018:17 (IST)

COVID deaths in India

India's death rate at per million population is 83, way lower than other countries such as US, UK and Brazil. 

2020-10-2018:16 (IST)

Festive season and COVID

Festive season is here. People are crowding places. PM Modi reminds the nationa that the lockdown might have been pulled down, but the virus still here.

2020-10-2018:13 (IST)

India's COVID-19 testing

India will soon cross the 10 crore test number, which has been a major asset in our fight against the pandemic.

2020-10-2018:13 (IST)


PM Modi raised the alarm on people not taking precautions. This is not right. If you are careless, walking out without a mask, then you are putting yourself, your family, your family's children, the elderly in as much trouble, he said.