Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday stirred a debate when he signed on a hand-made Indian flag to be gifted to United States President Barack Obama.

The incident has outraged Indians and people on Twitter are voicing their displeasure against "disrespect" towards the national flag.

"Autographing d National Is the breach of Code! What is d point of taking back w/o any action? Any how it's proved #ModiDisrespectsTricolor," Indrajith said on Twitter.

The Flag Code of India, under 2.1(vi) of Section I, Part II, states "lettering of any kind shall not be put upon the Flag".

The Indian prime minister is in the US on his second official visit and is scheduled to meet President Barack Obama next Monday, after his visit to the Silicon Valley, NDTV reports.

Indian-origin celebrity-chef Vikas Khanna will hand over the flag with Modi's autograph to the American president Barack Obama.

Khanna is a four-time Michelin-starred chef, who was responsible for preparing the elaborate feast for the Indian PM's dinner with more than 40 executives from America, according to reports.

Some of the chief executives of global companies, who were invited for Modi's 'Fortune 500' dinner, include PepsiCo chief executive Indra Nooyi, Johnson & Johnson chairman Jorge Mesquita and Ford Motor president Mark Fields.