Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent out a tweet today urging citizens not to panic over the coronavirus outbreak. In a social media post, PM Modi urged the nation to 'say no to panic, say yes to precautions'.

The Prime Minister sent out an assurance that the Indian Government was well prepared to handle the coronavirus outbreak, which was declared a pandemic by the WHO on Wednesday.

In his tweet he said that the Government was "fully vigilant about the situation due to COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. Across ministries & states, multiple steps have been proactively taken to ensure safety of all. These steps are wide-ranging, from suspension of Visas to augmenting healthcare capacities."

PM Modi's tweet

Taking the precautions a step further, the PM also in his tweet stated that no minister of the central government will travel abroad in the upcoming days and urged Indians to avoid any non-essential travel to a foreign land. Similar directives are also issued to the citizens in a notification advisory for travelers for coronavirus.

"We can break the chain of spread and ensure the safety of all by avoiding large gatherings," the PM tweeted.

All tourist visas stay suspended till April 15 with an exception to diplomatic visa, employment visa to name a few. However, visas of foreigners who are presently in India do not get affected. At least 52 labs have been set up across the nation to test for coronavirus across the nation.

As of today, coronavirus cases have risen to 73 with 13 fresh cases reported from Maharashtra (9), Delhi (1), Ladakh (1), Uttar Pradesh (1), and one foreign national.

Earlier in the day, the Ministry of Health stated that over 1,500 people are currently under observation. People have been screened at 30 designated airports across the country with mandatory checks on travelers coming in from coronavirus-hit countries.

The government further added that all incoming Indian nationals coming from China, Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, France, Germany and Spain after February 15, 2020, will be quarantined for a minimum period of 14 days.