Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced a special plan to develop Northeast India as he feels the region cannot be developed by Delhi-based officials. Modi talked about this plan during his popular radio programme "Maan Ki Baat".

According to the Prime Minister, Northeast cannot be developed by people sitting in Delhi, and so he would send central government officials, who would analyse the situation on ground zero and chalk out plans to resolve the issues.

"Is it possible to develop the Northeast while sitting in Delhi? No. Officials will visit and see how it is to be done. The DoNER has taken a significant decision to send teams of central government officials to the northeast and hold week-long camps there," Modi said on "Maan Ki Baat".

Modi is confident that this plan would work wonders and asserted that this will make the officials realise the beauty of Northeast and the need to develop the region. "These teams will hold such camps in districts and villages in the region, meet local government officials, people's representatives and citizens. They will listen to their problems and help the government to find their solutions. They will realise that the region needs to be developed and the various problems the people there face should be solved," stated the Prime Minister.

It must be mentioned that the Northeast has always lagged behind in terms of infrastructure, transport facilities and industrial growth. Moreover, the issue of insurgency has always been a big hurdle in the path of its development.