PlayStation Network
PlayStation Network has been hacked.Sony

PlayStation Network users had to suffer outage due to the DDoS attack by hacker group Lizard Squad. Many users have reported that they were unable to log in to the service.

This follows the attack by the group on Xbox Live on 5 December, 2014, for which it had claimed responsibility.

"PSN update: we are aware of the issues some users are experiencing, and are working to address them. We'll keep you updated," said PlayStation in a tweet.

"PSN Login #offline #LizardSquad," said a tweet from Lizard Squad. It was reported that the hacker group encouraged its followers on which one to take down - Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. Many voted in for PlayStation Network and hence it was down.

It has also claimed that this is just the start since they plan to attack more services in December, so gamers have been warned. There could also be the possibility of Destiny being affected if the group thinks they want to attack them too.

Previously it was believed that North Korea was behind these attacks since Sony was to release a new movie titled "The Interview," an action comedy where actors James Franco and Seth Rogen interview Kim Jong-Un, the Korean dictator and are assigned by the CIA to carry out his assassination. IGN reported that North Korea had denied its involvement in PSN hacking.

However, PlayStation Knowledge Center is showing the PSN Status as Online.

The Lizard Squad has been attacking services of PSN, Xbox Live, Twitch and many others since August 2014. They have reportedly pledged support for Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. The group has also posted a tweet asking people to retweet if they do not want to see any attacks on Christmas.