PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 will release on 15 November.Facebook

With the PlayStation 4 launch nearing, PlayStation Network (PSN) has expanded its friend list limit to 2000, announced Chris "Envisager" Owen, U.K. community manager, PlayStation Europe in a post.

The post also clarified that PlayStation 3 only supports 100 friends who will be visible on its XrossMediaBar (XMB) and if the friend list grows bigger than 100, the Sony's network servers will filter the list automatically to 100 on PlayStation 3. Users will also be able to "set and lock a pre-determined friends list" which can be used when they play on PlayStation 3, Joystiq reported.

"Support for the ability to display all of your friends in most applications and games is planned, however, some titles will be limited to the current 100 Friends limit," he added.

PlayStation 4 Surges Ahead of Xbox One in Pre-order Numbers

PlayStation 4 is scoring high on pre-order numbers when compared with Xbox One, according to a GameStop manager, who answered queries on Reddit.

"I think my store hit ~150 vs ~30 XBone," he said. "Yupp, the only store I saw with more XBone pre orders than PS4 was a mall store, had like 110 PS4 and 115 XBone. Otherwise on average, there are a decent amount more PS4 pre orders."

Though this number might vary from store to store, the manager says even after cancellations, the pre-orders for PlayStation 4 is huge. "Depends on the store but yeah thats all guaranteed for day one. Sony told us to take as many as we could for 3 weeks and we had ~170 PS4′s back in July, after cancels since then, we're at ~150 now. Idk where we're putting them all, haha, no break room for a few days in the back."

Release and Pricing

PlayStation 4 will release on 15 November 2013 for $399.