PlayStation 4
New Gold Wireless Headset to be introduced.PlayStation blog

Sony has announced that its latest update for PlayStation 4 will be rolling out late night on 3 February. The new update titled version 1.60 will be bringing in support for wireless stereo headsets to PlayStation 4.

The 1.60 update will be also be adding support for Pulse and Pulse Elite Edition headsets that will offer users with 7.1 virtual surround sound and voice chat that is crystal clear, reported the PlayStation blog.

Apart from headset support, the update 1.60 will also be bringing in general stability improvements and ability to mute camera according to a tweet from Chris Owen, community manager, PlayStation Europe.

Sony is also introducing, what it calls the 'Gold Wireless Headset' that has a 7.1 surround sound headset with custom modes that are designed for PlayStation game in specific. The Gold Wireless Headset costs $99.99. This headset will be compatible not only with PlayStation 4 but also with PlayStation 3, PC and PlayStation Vita.

Apart from this, a free Headset Companion App is also likely to be launched in February. This app will be compatible with Gold Wireless Headset and Pulse Elite Edition headsets. This app will help players to download sound modes created by the developer that is specific for a game's audio. The app will be launching with a sound mode that was designed by Sucker Punch so that console users can use it in InFamous: Second Son. The app also includes tools where users can create their own custom EQ mode.

(YouTube Courtesy: PlayStation)