PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 will release on 15 November.wikicommons

Sony's upcoming next-generation video game console PlayStation 4 will release a day one patch, providing fixes for a number of issues.

However, the patch will not include the sleep mode, while a mobile app will also be launched before the console release.

The patch is about 300MB in size and will be a necessary download for the better functionality of the console. Sony has also announced that it will launch PlayStation App prior to the console launch, through a press release.

Sony has promised the following features in its Update 1.50:

  • Remote Play using the PlayStation Vita over Wi-Fi networks.
  • Second screen gaming using the PlayStation 4 Link app for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation App for iPhone, iPad, and Android based smartphones.
  • The ability to record and share screenshots and video on Facebook and Twitter (North America users only).
  • Players can use of Ustream and Twitch apps to broadcast their gameplay in real-time. Players with PlayStation Camera can stream camera images and microphone sounds.
  • The ability to play games as they are downloading. Even in stand-by mode games can be downloaded.
  • About four users can log into the PlayStation 4 simultaneously.
  • Party chat feature will allow chatting with up to eight users on different games and applications. Chat between PS4 and PS Vita system users is also possible.
  • Facial recognition can be used for system login and voice commands can be used for navigation of PlayStation 4 home screen.
  • A cloud-based digital music service allows users to play music on the background while enjoying the game.
  • PlayStation Plus will get to play online multiplayer.
  • PlayStation 4 will allow Blu-ray disc and DVD video contents to play.

Players will not be able to put the PlayStation 4 in suspend/resume mode; a feature that puts the console in low-power sleep state and resume when users return.

PlayStation 4 is slated to launch on 15 November in U.S. and 29 November in Europe.