When the idea of the next-gen first came into contention, as fans we had massive expectations in terms of how the titles might look like and what the consoles would be capable of. Needless to say, the next generation has definitely lived up to all the hoopla that was created.

Apart from the fact that you can play titles on your console, there are a few other things your console is capable of, as far as social media is concerned. And that too for good reasons since this is, indeed, the age of the Facebooks and Twitters. Hence, manufacturers know how important it is to mould both of them into one form.

Keeping to the Sony-made PlayStation 4 for the time being, we were absolutely captivated the first time the new DualShock 4 controller came around. It was quite the upgrade over the previous DualShock aesthetically. Not to mention, the plethora of options that were now at our fingertips. And one such feature that has created a lot of noise is the share option button on the controller.

Sony PS4
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. President and Group CEO House presents the Sony Playstation 4 at the Sony news conference show on the eve of the opening of E3 in Los AngelesReuters

Indeed, be it photos or videos, everything can now be shared seamlessly thanks to the share option on the PS4's newest controller. But if you still haven't tried it out, chances are you aren't sure how to go through the entire process. And if that's the scene, here are six easy steps to share videos via your PlayStation 4.

Step 1
In order to share a video, first you will need to create one (duh!) Record the video you wish to upload and share using the Share button. You just need to double-tap the Share button to start recording a video clip. This allows you to record content in real time while you plying the concerned game. When you are done recording the selected segment, tap the Share button one more time to stop the recording process.

Step 2
Once your video has been created, just tap the Share button for less than a second (just a tap. Don't hold it down) and you should find the Share menu to help you with the uploading.

Step 3
When the Share menu appears, you will need to upload the video in contention. For that, just pick 'Upload Video' option from the Share menu and then choose your desired clip from the list.

Playstation 4

Step 4
Here, you will need to get a bit technical and tweak the settings. You can tweak your video editing, if required. This is only if you still haven't tried out the Share option yet. But once you get hold of the chemistry behind capturing video footage in real time, the need to edit the video every time should go.

Step 5
Once the tweaking job is done, it's time to choose your preferred service to stream the video. Just choose your desired media streaming service from the list of Internet services provided. But make sure you are logged into your favourite streaming service before you can upload your created content.

Step 6
Provided that you have carried out the previous steps as required, you should be almost at the end of the uploading procedure. Here on, you just need to add a caption to your content and select 'Share.' And before you know it, your media content will be on your page where your friends and other rivals gamers can check them out.