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Sony has announced the release of system software update 1.70 for its next-generation video game console, PlayStation 4.

Apart from the system update for PlayStation 4, Sony also released details of the updates for PlayStation Vita 3.15 and PlayStation App 1.70.

Sony listed out the new updates on a post by Adam Grant, senior product manager on its PlayStation blog. Below are some of the features being rolled out in system update 1.70:

  •  SHAREfactory - Once the new update has completed installing, users will be able to use SHAREfactory through its app. This new feature will enable personalized video editing of the game's gameplay.
  •  Automatic pre-download - Pre-ordered games will be automatically pre-downloaded in advance allowing users to play them on the launch day itself.
  •  Disable HDCP option - Added due after user feedback, allows turning off HDCP helping in to capture longer gameplay sessions via HDMI output.
  •  Export to USB option - Videos and screenshots can be exported directly to a USB external drive.
  •  Broadcast Live in HD - Resolution for live broadcast increased allowing others to watch it at 720p HD.
  •  SHARE options - Allows users to change the default gameplay recording time - Video Clip Settings> SHARE menu. Users can save and share only the video clips and screenshots of their choice. Allows sharing with specific Facebook audiences.
  •  DualShock 4 options - DualShock 4 gets new light bar settings letting users change it to Bright, Medium or Dim. Users will be able to navigate on the on-screen keyboard using its touchpad after this update.
  •  Friends options - Easier to find and accept friends.
  •  Trophies sort option - Trophies can be sorted by rarity in the Options menu.
  •  PlayStation Store payment support - The update introduces Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) for content that is purchased on PlayStation Store.
  •  PlayStation Camera commands - Now Apps installed on the console will activate to voice commands after addition of more commands to PlayStation Camera.
  •  PlayStation Plus icon - There will be a PlayStation Plus icon for PlayStation Plus members on the login screen.
  •  Music Unlimited SHARE options - Users with the subscription can share songs using SHARE button on the controller.

 PlayStation Vita 3.15

Sony has released new updates for PlayStation Vita 3.15:

  •  Users will be able to link their PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as the update will prompt a Automatic Device Registration which is designed to detect and pair both the devices automatically when both the devices are online provided they are signed in by the same user. This allows users to have quicker access to Remote Play.

PlayStation App 1.70

Sony has released new updates for PlayStation App 1.70:

  •  The PlayStation App 1.70 update allows users to get Push Notifications for selected updates in PlayStation 4. Users will also be able to get Friend Requests though email or text messages.
  •  Users will also be able to change their profile picture using mobile device.

Sony has in the post stress on the use of SHAREfactory features that have been introduced.

(YouTube Courtesy: sonyplaystation)

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