PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 will soon get update 2.57Facebook

Sony has assured its PlayStation 4 owners that the new generation video gaming console will get its new update, a firmware update 2.57, "soon".

The announcement came via a post on the official Twitter account of PlayStation.

The new update is expected to fix some of the technical issues that owners faced after downloading its last update, 2.55, for PS4.

It has been previously reported about PS4 owners having to deal with disc error issues after the last update. So the new firmware update is most likely to fix these errors. No player wants to face disc error in a brand new PS4 game disc without any scratche.

Though Sony has been issuing some updates, over the recent weeks, it has to do mostly with the bringing stability to the console.

Rumours have hinted at the possible addition of "Calendar" App on PS4 as part of this new update. Some have speculated that these minor updates are preparing the ground for update 3.0.

There have been speculations about Sony's PS4 update 3.0 bringing new features to the gaming console. However, reports have suggested that it might not be released before Fall 2015.

We already know of Microsoft's plans of including backwards compatibility on Xbox One in late 2015. Sony has said that it has no plans to introduce backwards compatibility.