PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 released on 15 November, 2013.Facebook/PlayStation

Following the comments from Sony's Fred Dutton, that PlayStation 4 owners might be getting thier next firmware update soon, only opened up the speculations on what the firmware could hold and its release date.

The PS4 console recently received its 2.04 update, but many owners had to face issues when they tried to download the update.

An industry insider has revealed on Twitter what he claims to be the release date of the PlayStation 4 next firmware update. Tidux posted on his Twitter account that Sony will release its next firmware update "on or around" 29 March 2015. He also went on to say that users can expect the firmware to have some "big update, new features."

As Gamepur points, PlayStation 4 had missed out on features like Suspend/Resume, DLNA, Ability to copy songs to HDD, Folder option and other things.

The leaked information comes from Tidux, who has been responsible for successfully divulging some important information earlier.

However, it must be noted that at this point, that tweets from Tidux have only been of the speculative nature, since there is no confirmation from Sony on the aspects of date and features.

One thing for sure, the next firmware update will be a major update for PS4 users.

PS3 Update 4.70 is Now Available

PlayStation 3 users will be getting update 4.70 following its release. This, however, will be a minor update that will be helpful for owners of DVD/Blu-ray.

Below are the changes brought by the new PS3 Update 4.70:

  • Closed Captions are now supported for the Playback of Blu-Ray Disc titles and DVDs. To display closed captions, select [Settings] > [Video Settings] > [Closed Captions]
  • The style used for for closed captions, such as the font, size and color, can now be adjusted. Select [Settings] > [Video Settings] > [Closed Captions Settings]
  • The name and icon of [PSN] were changed to [PlayStation Network]

Players wanting to update PS4 can head to Settings> Click on the System Update.