PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 released on 15

Sony has already released its firmware update 1.50 for its next-generation video game console, PlayStation 4.

The update is around 322MB and is expected to enable some of the critical features of the console like gameplay sharing, Remote Play, second screen, play as you download, voice chat, face recognition and voice commands, online multiplayer, Blu-ray and DVD playback, online multiplayer and more.

The day one update will have USB headset compatibility to the console. However, Bluetooth headsets functionality will be available at a later stage.

Users can download the file on the official US PlayStation website, which provides clear steps on how to install the file.

If players want to install the update via USB memory stick, they have to create a folder named 'PS4' and inside that another folder must be created named 'UPDATE' (uppercase). Later they have to put the 'PS4UPDATE.pup' file into the 'UPDATE' folder.

The folder structure must be: PS4 > UPDATE > PS4UPDATE.pup.

Next step is to switch of the PlayStation 4 completely and to insert the USB into the slot on the console. It must be switched on using 'Safe Mode' where players must hold the power button for at least seven seconds.

Now players must Go to [Update System Software] and initiate an update via USB and let the console do the rest.

How to install Hard drive?

Swapping out PlayStation 4's 500GB hard drive with any drives that players may choose to, has its benefits. GameSpot has added a video explaining the step-by-step directions on how to install it.

The walkthrough tells players how to replace the hard drive by opening the case of the console. It also includes the closing of the case without affecting the console. The video is easy to follow and also shows that SSD will allow players to load games faster.

(YouTube Courtesy: gamespot)

Mobile App Released

Sony has released an app connected with PlayStation 4 for mobile devices, which will offer players second-screen features on iOS and Android devices.

"There are a variety of things you can do with it. You can connect to your PlayStation profile and send messages - even voice messages - to friends between your smartphone and PS4," Shuhei Yoshida, president, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide said, according to CVG