PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4 recently received update 2.50.Facebook

PlayStation 4 will be shuttering its music streaming service as Sony tries to turn the company in to making profits again. The company, in order to follow the path to profits, has been shutting down some products while others are being sold, and one of them happens to be PlayStation's Music Unlimited service that allowed PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 console users to stream and purchase music.

The Music Unlimited service is slated to shut down by 31 March but will be replaced by the popular music streaming service, Spotify.

Spotify will be entering PlayStation consoles on 30 May, 2015. However, Attack of the Fanboy reported that the music service of Spotify will not be seamless, as thought earlier.

However, PlayStation console users will now have to rely on their USB for music until Spotify is released. They can make a playlist of music that can be played when they are on the game.

Meanwhile, AMC channels will be joining PlayStation Vue, Sony's live internet TV service. PlayStation Vue was released in 2014 and has gone live in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Sony promised an eventual release for other countries in 2016, but there is no information on it yet. The subscriptions range from $50-$70, which are rather cheap.

Meanwhile, Sony has also released the long awaited Update 2.50 for PS4 on 26 March. This new update will feature suspend and resume functionality. It will also be featuring an array of social features, including the ability to take a back up of the hard-drive data and store it in USB drive and then restore them back to PS4.