PlayStation 4 Camera
PlayStation 4 Camera costs $

The PlayStation 4 Camera peripheral is said to be constantly active when it is ported and listens if the users give voice commands.

According to NeoGAF users, Sony's PlayStation 4 Camera will be listening and waiting for users to issue voice commands.

Zaoichi's Cane, a NeoGAF user discovered that the Camera peripheral is constantly broadcasting any noise it registers. He said that he noticed PlayStation 4's microphone icon on the screen while playing FIFA 14 online match.

When PlayStation support was contacted, the representative confirmed that players cannot disable the voice commands when the PlayStation 4 Camera is plugged.

So players will have to unplug the camera in order to stop voice broadcast. It has been also confirmed that users will be unable to keep in-game players from hearing other users, if they do not unplug their camera peripheral, iGameResposibly reported.

"The camera is awesome. I use it for streaming and streaming is soooo fun. Had a great time talkin with strangers while playing need for speed and DCUO. Fun times," said one user and another user added that the device was pretty cool.

 "I bought the camera with my PS4. Facial recognition is cool and so are the voice commands. I toyed around with Playroom also, and it was pretty neat. Nothing mindblowing but it has potential to be cool."

PlayStation 4 Camera is sold separately and will cost the user an additional $59.99. The camera acts a motion sensing device and features a four-channel microphone array.