It's not just wildlife that's slowly finding itself encroached upon by urban jungles of parking lots and buildings, but children's play grounds at public spaces are shrinking too. Frankly speaking, neighbourhoods have never been friendly or encouraging to ball wielding sports, cricket ironically more so.

It's a nation that loves cricket but doesn't want its kids playing cricket in the neighbourhoods. There are elders that need to walk, window panes that need saving and crunched spaces that are unsafe for players and residents alike.


Twitter user and tech influencer Dhananjay Tech highlighted an arrangement, nothing short of a brilliant idea. An under-bridge area in Navi Mumbai, has been converted to a public play area wherein children can play sports like basketball, cricket and badminton.

In order to ensure that the ball never goes out of the court, the bridge has been secured by netting all around it. What makes the arrangement partly a win-win situation is the fact that there are bridges in every metropolitan city battling space crunch. It also has the potential to operate during all-seasons.

The video went viral in no time with Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra tweeting the concept, "Transformational. Let's do this in every city."

Many wanted to immediately implement the pilot project. First among them was Tealangana IT minister K. Taraka Rama Rao (KTR), who showed willingness to get this done in a few places in Hyderabad city.  "Let's get this done in a few places in Hyderabad@arvindkumar_ias Looks like a nice idea," he tweeted.

But a few pointed out the flaws. "It's always a risk being under actively running traffic bridge. Not a good idea," posted a user, highlighting the single biggest con of the idea. "Is it only me who is paranoid? Given the number of bridges that fall," remarked a user, perhaps echoing the phobia of many.

Many pointed out, how a banquet hall was opened in Delhi, but unsuccessfully. Many in Delhi have seen similar spaces being used by small vegetable vendors to earn livelihood.