Sherlyn Chopra with Play magazine founder Hugh Hefner (Twitter)
Sherlyn Chopra with Play magazine founder Hugh Hefner (Twitter)

Bollywood actress and model Sherlyn Chopra, who created a stir with her all-bare act for Hugh Hefner's adult magazine "Playboy", has apparently earned much honor among the Playmates.

Merely six to seven year old in the industry, and with hardly any memorable film to her credit, the magazine has given Chopra the stodgy acclaim of being a "Bollywood legend" in a promotional poster.

In a description of their latest model, the magazine said, "After surprising the world through her tweets about being the first Indian woman to appear in the pages of Playboy magazine, the name Sherlyn Chopra has been on the lips of millions."

"Born on February 11th, 1984, Sherlyn was raised by her Muslim mother and Christian father, who was a doctor until the age of 55. With a younger sister who is a disc jockey in Hyderabad, India and a brother who lives in Auckland, New Zealand working as a computer software engineer, Sherlyn has craved the spotlight since a young age. Since winning a beauty pageant at the age of 17, she's moved to the city of Bollywood, Mumbai, to appear in numerous Bollywood films. Check out Sherlyn's gallery here and check back for more photos," the introduction reads.

Sherlyn is the first Indian to shed all the essentials for the popular men's magazine and is extremely proud of her daring act. On the top of that, she even demands country's highest civilian award.

"I shud b given a Bharat Ratna award-d highest civilian award of d Republic India given 4 d highest degree of service 2 the nation. Seriously! sic)" she tweeted recently.

To say the least, Chopra's statements were deemed both tragic and hilarious. And should it be added, the US-based magazine could have done their homework properly!