Marilyn Monroe, in her famous Life Magazine cover.
Many years after her shocking demise, Hollywood screen goddess Marilyn Monroe still makes for major conversations, documentaries, high-profile auctions, and a new Hollywood biopic.Public Domain

Playboy magazine is paying pictoral tribute to screen icon Marilyn Monroe on her 50th death anniversary by publishing some of her rare nude photos for its December issue, The Daily mail reported.

Playboy is an American men's magazine founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953 and is known for publishing nude women photographs.

"It's really all about the collection and the way its composed," Jimmy Jellinek, Playboy's editorial director, told Daily Mail. "This is the first time we've shown the totality of our collection, from the beginning to almost days before the end of her life. It showcases the arc of her life."

"Playboy editor Jimmy Jellinek called to confirm that the December nude Marilyn Monroe pictorial is creating a major sensation," wrote Playboy founder Hugh Hefner on his Facebook page.

Playboy, which had a long relationship with Monroe since featuring her in its first issue, will showcase her nude photoshoots ranging from her first days as a pin-up girl to her last nude photo taken by Lawrence Schiller just two days before her tragic death, and the photos taken on the fly, movie sets, bedroom and by the pool, reported Daily Mail.

"Some were taken at midnight in Beverly Hills with only a headlight used for lighting," Mr Jellinek told the daily. "It all depended on her mood. She was really two people - Marilyn Monroe, the glamorous actress, and Norma Jean, the fragile, damaged little girl. There were two people fighting inside of her and that conflict was appealing to people and the pictures show that."

The December issue will also feature editorials by Roger Ebert and Kim Morgan, recollections from Playboy Publisher Hugh Hefner and an excerpt by novelist John Updike, according to Daily Mail.