The latest Grand Theft Auto is already out and is creating a lot of buzz. But that is the case with each of the Grand Theft Autos that come around all the time. And the latest one surely fits the bill with so many copies of GTA 5 being sold out since release.

This year's Grand Theft Auto is like no other before. Unlike other years, this year's GTA allows you to control as many as three varied characters with varied backgrounds. Add to that the much talked about GTA Online offering where you meet similarly deranged players as you.

But while the new GTA holds a lot of promise for gamers and fans alike, there are several different that could do you a lot of good if you keep them in mind while playing the game. Confused? Here are the 5 need-to-know tips and tricks for Grand Theft Auto 5.

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Aim For the Head
If there ever was an eternal truth related to gamers it must be with the concept of taking as many headshots as possible. And with the new GTA, things aren't that different. There are instances in the game when you will come across heavily armored adversaries that will require more than a shot to take down. Hence, your best option is to take a headshot.

Relax Between Missions
All hardcore GTA fans will know that Rockstar's legendary series is more than just finishing off the missions. It's also about exploration and making the most out of the vast open world. And since GTA 5 offers the biggest open world to date, there are several activities that you could pursue in the game. You could go for yoga, or maybe try your hand in Tennis and Golf. But those are just a few things from the entire list of things, also including skydiving. Performing one or more of these activities can actively boost your in-game character.

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Help Others For Extra Cash
While most of you will not be much inclined to perform side missions for the time being, but you should know that they actually pay well. This might sound a bit cruel in real life, but in the game, make a point and always seek out the rich and wealthy to help out. And before you know it, you might find handsome amount money transferred to your account. Others however will just thank you for being a "good Samaritan."

Chop Can Find Collectibles
While the entire world of GTA is filled with goodies and collectibles, it does require a bit of patience from the player's side to find those collectibles. But if you are of the lazy sorts (like me), why not get a dog like Chop to find your stuff for you. It's like a CTRL+F button within the game to find your collectibles. Download the iFruit app for your mobile device and just select "Make Chop Hunt For Pick-Ups."

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Careful While Robbing Security Trucks
Sure robbing security trucks is a great way to make some easy money, but you cannot look past the kind of dangers it brings around. As soon as you get the doors open in the truck (use a sticky bomb), be prepared on the scene with your guns to meet any and all adversaries that might be there to prevent you. Once the job is done, scrat the scene as quickly as possible, but not before collecting your share of loot.