CES 2013-13.01.05A

Workers prepare the lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center for the annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Saturday. CES 2013 opens on Tuesday.


Britain-based technology start-up company, Plastic Logic, unveiled a paper-thin tablet PC prototype called 'PaperTab' at the international CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.

The revolutionary flexible tablet was developed by Plastic Logic in collaboration with the chipset-manufacturer Intel and Canada's Queen's University.

Ryan Brotman, Research Scientist at Intel said, "We are actively exploring disruptive user experiences. The 'PaperTab' project, developed by the Human Media Lab at Queen's University and Plastic Logic, demonstrates innovative interactions powered by Intel Core processors that could potentially delight tablet users in the future."

Plastic Logic claimed that this innovative 10.7-inch paper-thin tablet has a high resolution display and is powered by second generation Intel Core-i5 processor.

"Plastic Logic's flexible plastic displays are completely transformational in terms of product interaction. They allow a natural human interaction with electronic paper, being lighter, thinner and more robust compared with today's standard glass-based displays. This is just one example of the innovative revolutionary design approaches enabled by flexible displays." said Indro Mukerjee, CEO of Plastic Logic.

Many technology pundits have predicted that in less than 10 years the super-thin bendable screen will replace the current glass display panels in smartphones and tablet PCs.

They also acknowledge that PaperTab's super-thin display will steer more consumers to use tablets for their daily news feed, thus making newspapers obsolete in the near future. 

Roel Vertegaal, Director of Queen's University's Human Media Lab said, "Within five to ten years, most computers, from ultra-notebooks to tablets, will look and feel just like these sheets of printed color paper."

Plastic Logic super-thin bendable display prototype has emerged as a surprise star at this year's international CES.

Several major technology publications around the world have acknowledged the fact that this revolutionary technology is bound to inspire more innovation in the computer-based hardware industry. 

Plastic Logic is not the only company to come up with flexible display; According to various reports in the online media, South Korean electronics major Samsung is also working on a bendable and near-unbreakable smartphone display similar to the PaperTab tablet PC display.