Plants vs. Zombies
Plants vs. Zombies is a popular game on a variety of platforms. (PopCap Games)

Waves of zombie invasion have to be halted at any cost to win the matches and progress in Plants vs. zombies from developer, PopCap Games. The only chance a player has is by getting power (sun points) from the Sun and by planting zombie annihilating plants.

The game has been popular on  a wide variety of platforms since its release on 5 May for PC and Mac, and its release on other platforms that includes Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PlayStation Vita and most recently for BlackBerry 10.

Players in the game have to save their house from being invaded by the zombies and this can be done by planting offensive or defensive plants. Sun is required in order to plant and players have to plant more sunflowers for sun points. Every zombie in the game has special skills that have to be dealt with tactfully.

Below we bring you cheats and codes for the game along with its unlockables and achievements that will help you progress and enjoy the game (via Cheat Code Central):


Easy and Unlimited Money

After players get Zen Garden, the plants have to be watered until it is sufficient. Now, change the date on your system to another day. This change will result in plants wanting more water. Players have to keep repeating this process of buying new plants, then growing it to full size and then selling them off. Players will thus earn more by repeating this cheat.     

Players can also repeat this cheat when they have to get Marigolds in Crazy Dave's shop and all the Marigolds there are out of stock.

Play Slot Machine for More Coins and Diamonds

  • Players have to set up their defences around the slot machine. Place one row of walnuts on right side and one or two rows of sunflowers on the left side and fill rest of the places with pea and snow pea shooters.
  • Keep your lawn mowers safe. Protect them religiously as they are worth a Gold Coin at game's end.
  • Once you reach 1900 sun points, stop collecting them. By now, the garden will be full and it will be easier for the player to get an extra 100 points. Enough sun is to be collected to balance the slot machine.
  • The slot machine must keep on running as it will be dropping one or three gems particularly depending on its patience.
  • If however, the zombies manage to come close to slot machine, immediately end the game.
  • Collect the sun that is lying on the field in order to end the game.

Make Walnut Bowling more Profitable

  • By all means protect your lawnmowers, since every unit is worth one gold coin equivalent to $250.
  • Players have to line up the shots off the front runner. Every zombie that will be hit will generate coins
  • Players have to create a front runner in spots where there is none. Pole vaulting zombies have faster runs and they vault over the nut and newspaper zombie runs fast after they have the paper that is destroyed by a nut. Allow them to run a bit more on the lawn and then send the nut on them.
  • Remember to use nuts judiciously, having them does not mean you have to use them always.

Alternate the Selection of Seeds

  • In case players do not want the cards provided by Crazy Dave, they can exit the game and restart it. The cards would have been changed.

Increase the Plant Growth

  • Full screen mode must be disabled
  • Go to your Zen Garden
  • Feed the plants (takes 30 minutes to feed them again)
  • Change the system time to a earlier value

To Defeat Bungees

  • Players must use Chomper, Squash, Ice Shroom, Jalapeno or Umbrella plant to defeat Bungees

To defeat Pole Vaulters

  • Players have to use a Walnut and a Chomper. Make sure that you have lots of sun points and you are able to dig the plants up.
  • The Pole Vaulter will now head over the Walnut and straight to the Chomper.
  • Now dig the Chomper in order to kill the Pole Vaulter

To Defeat Dr. Zomboss

  • Dr. Zomboss has the ability of throwing ice ball or fire ball so use Freeze Shrooms to make him freeze.
  • This will allow other plants to wreak damage on him
  • Players can use Jalapenos as they can cause him damage before he throws the ice or fire ball.
  • In order to defeat his ice ball players must plant Chilli Pepper in the same row.
  • In order to defeat his fire ball players must plant Ice Shroom in the same row.

For Beginners

  • Build an army of plants to defend the home. 
  • When the player is at his early levels, they must plant as many sunflowers as possible - atleast two rows of them.
  • The first of the zombies that attack will be slow and lesser in number so capitalize on this and build the sunflowers while keep one row for the cheap one-hit-kill plants like Potato Mines and Squashes


Codes can be activated anytime during the gameplay however, players must note that some codes will require your Tree of Wisdom to be of particular height to make these codes work.

  • trickedout - Alternate Lawn Mower appearance
  • future - Zombies get sunglasses
  • mustache - Zombies get mustaches
  • pinata - A zombie death will be followed by a candy shower (Tree of Wisdom Height: 1000 Feet)
  • dance - Zombies will take to dancing (Tree of Wisdom Height: 500 Feet)
  • daisies - A zombie death will be followed by daisies (Tree of Wisdom Height: 100 Feet)
  • slowboke - Zombies will walk slowly


Players have to complete the tasks and unlock the trophies in the main menu.

  • Gold Trophy: Get all trophies in Mini-Games, Puzzle, and Survival modes.
  • Silver Trophy: Complete Adventure mode one time


Players will be able to unlock these achievements by completing the task that is listed for them. (To check your achievements go to  Community> My profile> View all my game> game> view stats)

  • Ask Me About Mustache Mode: Enables Mustache Mode
  • Better Off Dead: Get a streak of over 10 in I, Zombie Endless
  • China Shop: Get to a streak of 15 in Vasebreaker Endless
  • Cryptozombologist: Discover the top secret zombie
  • Explodonator: Blow up 10 zombies with a single cherry bomb
  • Home Lawn Security: Complete adventure mode
  • Immortal: Get to 20 flags in Survival Endless
  • Morticulturalist: Collect all 49 plants
  • Nobel Peas Prize: Get the golden sunflower trophy
  • No Fungus Among Us: Complete a nighttime level without planting any Mushrooms
  • Spudow!: Blow up a zombie using a potato mine
  • Sunny Days: Get 8000 sun during a single level
  • Towering Wisdom: Grow the Tree of Wisdom to 100 feet
  • Walk This Way: Hypnotize the lead dancer zombie

PopCap and EA have announced multiplayer version of the Plants vs. Zombies, titled Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, which will be released on 25 February for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Release date for the PC version has not yet been announced.

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