The airlines industry is the worst hit from coronavirus pandemic as most countries have imposed a ban on travel, both international and domestic. Airlines are facing a serious crisis with their planes stranded and no ease on travel ban in sight. From job cuts to pay cuts and maintenance of airplanes, airlines are in a tough place right now. On the consumer end, people's concerns grow over their travel plans with each passing day. Luckily, Delhi Airport is here for the rescue.

One might be wondering, with air travels banned and planes stranded in airports, what could the airports be possibly doing. Taking cues from the work from the home notion, Delhi Airport's command center is adhering to the 21-day lockdown in India while responding to people's queries and concerns on social media.

What's keeping Delhi Airport busy during a lockdown?

The lockdown and non-operational airlines are no reason for Delhi Airport to rest. According to Konnect Insights, a social media tool, Delhi Airport has the highest engagement levels and use of proactive communication through its social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Delhi Airport
Delhi AirportWikimedia Commons

Looking at the numbers, Delhi Airport's total engagement on social media platforms is 4 times more than Change Airport, which comes second. The Incheon Airport, RGIA Hyderabad and Heathrow Airport followed the ranks in terms of SM engagement to make top-five.

Other Indian airports to make it to the list include Bengaluru Airport at ninth spot Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport at fourteen and Kochi Airport at fifteen.

Operations during lockdown

Due to the nationwide-lockdown due to coronavirus, which is in effect till April 14, most companies have opted for work from home. With call centers also taking a hit due to the lockdown, the operations are not running as normal, which is causing delays for customers to reach help over the phone. In this case, social media serves as a handy tool for those who need to get their concerns addressed at the earliest.

Air India planes parked
Planes parkedReuters

"While the whole country was in a state of lockdown, our social media 24X7 command center remained fully functional just like any other essential service at the airport. The cutting edge cloud-based technology deployed by us ensured that the team could operate remotely from their home and adhere to the 21 days lockdown. We still continue to respond almost real-time to the passengers' queries and engage with them proactively through advisories and updates. It has also helped us in gathering insight of the situation on ground through online conversations. The team's contribution is truly on the lines of #WorkFromHub culture promoted during the Covid-19 crises." CEO-DIAL Videh Kumar Jaipuriar said in a statement.

Delhi Airport's command center is operational 24x7 and responding to people's queries in real-time. The Airport's official social media handles are also posting relevant advisories from the government to keep people updated.