Long flight journeys are normally boring, especially when there is some unexpected delay. But, for New York resident Kelly Keegs, her journey from Big Apple made her an Internet sensation as she was busy live tweeting on an awkward break-up of her fellow passengers at around 9 pm on Sunday (EDT).

Soon after Keegs started tweeting, many people started following her on the micro-blogging site to know the updates on the dramatic break-up of the lovebirds that she was witnessing on board the flight. Soon, the hashtag #PlaneBreakUp started trending on Twitter.

Guy: "I just can't stand you. I can't be near you. I would switch seats if i could. Is this really a surprise? Are you seriously surprised at this information?"

Girl: "Great. JUST GREAT. I'm so glad I paid 40 extra dollars to be on this ******* flight with you"

Guy: I don't care. Girl: IM GLAD YOU DONT CARE

Girl: "ITS JUST SO MEAN. DO I DESERVE THIS? WHY ARE TOU BRINGING THIS UP. I don't want to be this girl. I don't want to be her. I want to be my best for you and YOU WONT LET ME. Is that what you're starting to do with me? Just slow fade me OUT? Just like the others?"

Keegs even mentioned it as the 'greatest plane delay' she ever had.

Girl: "you don't even understand why I'm ******* SAD. YOU HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT ME"

Girl: "Why is this so easy for you? It's just THAT ******* EASY? What do you want from me?"

Guy: "You need to calm down" Girl: "To me I just really thought, you know, this was going to go somewhere"

**loud sobs**

Girl: "well what makes you so ******* SPECIAL?"

Girl: "you should probably just stop talking. Just stop TALKING!! I'm going to ask Charlotte. I'm going to ask her the minute we get home and we'll see if your STORIES MATCH" (Omg scandal who's Charlotte?)

Guy: "I can't discuss this anymore." Girl: "so I'm not worth your time????"

**silent sobs, lots of sniffling**

However, to Keegs' surprise, the couple who fought for almost 50 minutes, were later seen patching up.  

"What the ****? Now they're making out. I'm not kidding"

"We took off, they immediately ordered SIX vodkas and Bloody Mary mix for the 50 minute flight and chugged them in silence between makeouts"

By the time Keegs arrived at her destination, she had more than 7,000 new followers on Twitter.

"Every time I open Twitter my phone freezes because of the mentions," she added and even apologsied to her grand mother for all the profanity in her tweets.

I think the worst part about this was having to apologize to my Nana for all of the profanity in my tweets.

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