Aircraft takeoff
A airplane just after takeoff [Representational Image].Pixabay

UPDATE: Colombian Police have confirmed the death of 76 people in the plane crash. Five on board have reportedly survived while one took his/her last breath in the hospital. 

The crash took place due to mechanical problems as the aircraft split into two after falling from a great altitude. Alfredo Bocanegra, head of Colombia's civil aviation authority, informed that the plane failed to land after an emergency was reported. "The plane reported an emergency on approach. It was given priority to land but then contact was lost," Bocanegra told Blu Radio. 

The rescue efforts are in full swing, but harsh weather conditions are making life difficult for the emergency workers.

There were 21 journalists on board as well.

Original Story

The plane carrying Brazilian football side Chapecoense players has reportedly crashed in Colombia. The Chapecoense players were travelling to Medellin in Colombia, where they were slated to play Atletico Nacional in the Copa Sudamerica finals on Wednesday. 

The final has been suspended after the news broke about the unfortunate crash. The club --Chapecoense -- was founded in 1973 and presently play in Brazil's top division.

As of now, there is no clarity on what led to this crash. The plane was carrying around 72 passengers along with nine crew members. Out of those, 22 players were from the Brazilian football club. 

he aircraft -- a British Aerospace 146 --  is said to have crashed in the mountainous area around midnight local time. Ambulances and rescuers are already on their way.  

Medellin airport authorities released a statement, stating there are six survivors, as of now.

"At the moment we know that the disaster happened in Cerro Gordo the municipality of La UniĆ³n and that there were 72 passengers and nine crew aboard, including the football team Chapocoense Real. There are reported to be six survivors."

The aircraft is said to have disappeared from view on the flight radar.