Recent reports reveal that Kamal Haasan has not accepted the offer to star in the Tamil remake of Aamir Khan's "PK" as yet. The actor said he has been approached, but he has not given the final nod till now.

Kamal Haasan stated someone leaked the information about the talks between the producer and him and also spread the rumour that he had already accepted the offer. In fact, the two are still discussing the matter and nothing has been confirmed yet.

Kamal Haasan
A picture of Kamal Haasan starrer "PK".IB Times India

The Universal Star stressed that he will only approve the project if the makers agree to his conditions. "I might do the film only if certain demands of mine are met," he said, Manorama Online reports.

The multifaceted personality adds that someone will definitely play the part if he is not doing it as it is an interesting movie. Kamal Haasan believes that there are actors, who could be interested to star in the Tamil remake.

"It is a successful and interesting film. I am sure most actors would be eager to do it," Kamal Haasan claims.

The remake rights of "PK" has been acquired by Gemini Productions. The makers want to start working on the movie in May and have only approached Kamal Haasan so far. It is not sure who will be the next choice if Kamal fails to take up the film. Nonetheless, the role might be tailor-made for Kamal as he is a self-proclaimed rationalist and atheist.

But many feel that it will be a bold attempt to make "PK", given the conservative tastes of cine-goers. Not to forget, often big movies land in courts in Tamil Nadu on account of the objections raised by one or the other fringe groups.

So, it is a really challenging task to remake "PK" in Tamil. The movie raises questions related to the religion and beliefs, mainly targeting the Hindus. The original version had created a lot of controversies but in the end, it became a hit by grossing above ₹650 crore worldwide.