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The Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer "PK" is expected to break records as the highest grosser film this year. It will be interesting to see whether the film can beat "Happy New Year" or not.

Rajkumar Hirani has given another big hit this Christmas and gained a lot of appreciation from the audience. Though it is a bit similar to Akshay Kumar-Paresh Rawal's "Oh My God!", it has been presented in a very fine manner.

Like the previous Hirani-Khan Jodi film, "3 Idiots", this one also taught viewers some good life lessons.

Here are the top lessons that the audience learn from the film.

Voice against Wrong Number

In the film, Alien Khan talks about wrong numbers. According to him, one should raise a voice against wrong numbers. He feels that well-known Godmen, who pretend to have a direct line to God, give lame solutions because they have dialled the wrong number.

Aliens do Exist and they have feelings

Most films, which show aliens, have weird looking creatures. But in "PK", this being from a different planet looks exactly like a human. Also, he is good-looking, intelligent and has feelings. It is fun to watch how a different being sees human beings, their beliefs and their Gods. The film shows the alien questioning traditional blind faith.

Believe in God, Not in Godmen

In India, one can find Godmen and his followers in every corner. They are like managers who pretend to be close to God. "PK" brought out the marketing gimmicks of such Godmen and questioned them about religion.

Saying "I Love Chicken" doesn't mean you have fallen in love with it

"PK" describes how humans say something and mean something else. For example, if anyone says 'he loves chicken or fish' that doesn't mean he has fallen in love with that chicken or fish. It means that he wants to eat it .

God has made the universe, He doesn't need anyone to take care of Him

When a Godman in the film says he is there to take care of God, then "PK" replies God has made the whole universe and he doesn't want anyone to look after Him.

Religion Means Fashion

For an alien it is difficult to understand what religion is and how people classify it. Thus, he has  his own definition of religion, it  is all about fashion. One's clothes and appearance tell whether he is Hindu or Muslin or Sikh or Christian.