According to a survey conducted by PixaHive, it was found that 9 out of 10 people use images without any understanding of how copyright works and whether it's legal or not. Unfortunately, this is a problem for both, photographers and the end-users. Photographers and Artists often don't get any credits for their work which is illegally distributed across the world wide web. And Users who are unaware of the licenses of images, end up getting Copyright notices from legal trolls on the internet.

Rohit Tripathi, the founder of PixaHive.com, decided to create a platform oriented towards the needs of Indian users and artists, where all images are under a public domain license. The platform also encourages all users to properly credit the photographers, even though it's optional. This creates a healthy relationship between users and photographers. The exposure which photographers get when their work is used by more people is also amazing. It helps them gain popularity and business from clients.

As PixaHive's database of images continues to grow, people won't have to look for a free and legal stock photo anywhere else. PixaHive caters to the needs of all small businesses and individuals including but not limited to those in the fitness, medical, legal, or IT industry.

This business also helps in spreading awareness about the legal and ethical use of someone else's creative works. It will also help reduce the circulation of illegal images on the web, as people become more aware and there are free legal options available with PixaHive.com

In just less than 3 weeks of its launch, PixaHive is being highly appreciated by photographers on social media and forums. Its rewards and revenue system also helps new and young photographers learn photography and earn money for their contributions. PixaHive currently has over 200 Registered users who contribute amazing content to the website.