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In 2012, "Pitch Perfect" hit America and the rest of the world with a cool breeze of friendship and the shaky commotions of college life, all with the backdrop of A Cappella music. Now, the Bardem Bellas are back for A Cappella glory and global recognition.

"Pitch Perfect 2" will hit theatres on 15 May, and the soundtrack can be purchased from iTunes or streamed freely from Spotify. The sequel stars many returning actors and a few new ones, including Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow, Skylar Astin, Adam DeVine, Katey Sagal, Anna Camp, Ben Platt, Alexis Knapp, Hana Mae Lee, John Hodgman, Jason Jones, and Joe Lo Truglio.

While the memory of its 2012 prequel should be more than enough to drag you to theatres, here are five reasons to do so this Friday.

1.   Green Bay Packers singing

The muscled gods of football make a special appearance in "Pitch Perfect 2". Although they are a competition to the Bellas, we totally root for them, considering the five players, along with quarterback Aaron Rodgers' younger brother, Jordan, spent last summer practising to get the moves and vocals just right for their turn in the riff-off with the Bellas.

2.   Female Friendships

 Replacing memories of women bullying women, wives/girlfriends nagging the men in their life for seemingly no apparent reason, and men fighting over one "hot chick", "Pitch Perfect" franchise depicts a clean story of friendship. Bellas have no competitions when it comes to attention of men or any conflicts about sexual tensions. The young women are contend and self-sufficient and are always there for each other.

3.   Redefining "Cool"

For decades American pop culture has been trying to make teens understand that being cool is not all that great. Wearing the latest trend and holding on to the hottest date, means nothing if you cannot be compassionate is what movies like "Heathers", "She's All That" and "Never Been Kissed" taught. However, the Bardem Bellas proved that you could be a nerdy A Cappella singer, hang out with nerdy A Cappella singers and still have a great time. As the Guardian puts it, "Pitch Perfect" taught us that "sincerity is cool. Understanding is cool. Trying hard and working hard are the coolest of all."

 4. The art of self-deprecation and wardrobe malfunction

Making fun of oneself, while maintaining your dignity is an art in itself, and the team of "Pitch Perfect 2" has mastered it. While Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) embarrasses her team members and the President after enduring a wardrobe malfunction at Obama's birthday party, she still refuses to be put down for it. The body-shaming culture is subtly "in your face", but Amy's impressive sexual endeavours is attributed to her confidence. Young girls are encouraged to take a page from Fat Amy's book, and wear confidence as their best asset, instead of starving themselves for a size zero.

5. Elizabeth Banks

The comedic genius that brought one half of the ridiculous announcer duo Gail and John, will also be directing this film. Although Banks made her mainstream directorial debut, critics are invariably impressed with her work. With the movie, she proves that she has the ability to not only give a great performance, but also bring out the best in her actors.