Piracy group Hive-CM8, which shook the US box office after leaking Quentin Tarantino's big blockbuster "The Hateful Eight" a week before its official release, has apparently gone underground in fear of being exposed. And the latest reports suggest that the uploader may not release all 40 films as promised.

Earlier this month, it seemed like the pirates had hit a jackpot when the high quality DVD screeners of some of the best films of 2015, including "Spectre", "The Revenant", "Concussion", "Trumbo", "Suffragette", "The Good Dinosaur", "Spotlight", "Legend", "In The Heart of The Sea", "Joy", "Steve Jobs", "Creed", "The Danish Girl" and "Bridge of Spies" were leaked online. The group also promised to leak "Stars Wars 7" aka "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", but it never did.

When Hive-CM8 released "The Hateful Eight", it announced, "DVDScreener 1 of 40, will do them all one after each other, started with the hottest title of this year, the rest will follow." But now, the group has suddenly gone "silent" after uploading less than half of the promised numbers. It has been reported that some personal information that could identify one of the group's members appeared on the Kickass Torrents community board. The group reportedly took a step back when screenshots of some of the uploader's post appeared on the community board.

Well, as it has already been reported that the screeners that have been released are copies of movies that are sent out to the judges of ceremonies like Oscars and BAFTAs and others. And every year, there have been strings of such inevitable leaks.

And now, pirates speculate that the group has gone underground and will not release the remaining films. In fact, one of the users has even posted: "These guys have all gone undercover. There will be no more screener releases for now from CM8. Thought I should share. I was told they will rise again."