Pippa Middleton
Pictured: Pippa Middleton at WimbledonReuters

Kate Middleton's sister Pippa Middleton was present on day one of Wimbledon 2016 where she gave onlookers more than they bargained for. Pippa was wearing a short cream dress by Suzannah and she nearly risked a wardrobe malfunction when she crossed her thighs. According to HollywoodLife, she was just "shy of revealing her crotch."

Pippa was sitting next to her brother James Middleton, who looked dapper in a navy suit. Noticeably absent was her new beau James Matthews. After dating the entrepreneur back in 2012, Pippa rekindled romance with Matthews shortly after her relationship with Nico Jackson went bust.

According to an E!Online source, Pippa and Jackson's relationship had been on the rocks ever since he moved to Switzerland to work for a hedge fund. "James has always been on the scene," the source added. "He is super charismatic and charming, good looking and always held a torch for Pippa. They have always had insane chemistry, but Pippa was always in a relationship."

According to the insider, Matthews is a far better fit for Pippa than Jackson as he is more outgoing than Jackson. "Nico never really enjoyed the spotlight. James revels in it," the source shared. "Pippa loves socializing and, with James on her arm, there will be plenty more of it."

In May, it was reported that Pippa has already moved into Matthews' home in West London. But according to many reports, there's only one downside to this relationship – Matthews' brother Spencer.

"There is some snobbery in the royal circles that the Duchess of Cambridge's sister is dating the brother of a reality TV star," the source revealed. "Spencer Matthews has a terrible reputation in the UK as a philandering womanizer and is horribly unpopular at home.For Pippa to be actually dating the brother of the lead character has raised many eyebrows, another reason why she is going to be careful about how the relationship pans out."