Pioneer HDJ-500
Pioneer HDJ-500Pioneer Audio

Pioneer India Electronics has launched a sleek and stylish headphone named Pioneer HDJ- 500 at just ₹8,590. Designed for home and club use, Pioneer HDJ- 500 aims to dominate the headphone market in both personal and commercial audio space.

Featuring a flexible headband, HDJ-500 is capable to swivel the right ear housing by 60 degrees, thus enabling professional music editors or Disk Jockeys to listen with just one ear leaving the other exposed to the monitor speakers and crowd reactions.

If one wants to enjoy music on the go, the HDJ-500 comes with a single sided replaceable cord that plugs into the left side of the headphone. Out of the two kinds of cord, a 1.2 meter coiled cord can be extended up to 3 meter for DJ'ing and a 1 meter straight cord can be used for personal listening.

Pioneer HDJ-500 is sound engineered to strongly reproduce a rich low-range frequency.0 Powered by a 40mm driver unit, the new headphone creates an effective sound pressure by narrowing the ear pad opening, thus reproducing better sound with ample bass and treble presence.

Commenting on the launch, Gaurav Kulshrestha, Manager - Marketing & Product Planning, Pioneer India Electronics said, "Pioneer headphones are known for its unparallel sound quality and product durability. Especially, when it comes to Pioneer DJ, we are the most preferred brand in the world of DJ's, studios & clubs. Today, sound quality and style are no longer reserved solely to the professional level DJs, but are now available to anyone who is passionate about music. Through the launch of Pioneer HDJ-500, we are trying to encourage a new kind of audio connoisseurs, amateur DJ's as we would like to call them, who like to listen and experiment with music. We have taken inputs from professional DJ's who are associated with us in developing an affordable yet powerful solution for this new league of consumers."

Pioneer HDJ-500 is now available in five colour options: Black, White, Red, Green and Violet.